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Amsterdam Workshop

Learn how to mix and master your music in the box from a Grammy-nominated engineer.
Amsterdam Workshop

Time & Location

Time is TBD
Sonic City Studios, Atlantisplein 1, 1093 NE Amsterdam, Netherlands

About the Event

Learn the creative approach and technical toolset of Grammy nominated EDM Mixing & Mastering engineer Luca Pretolesi. Bringing the artistic integrity back to electronic dance music, Luca has logged over 10,000 hours in the studio creating EDM before it even had a moniker. 

I had an amazing week with Luca mastering my album DRIVE. He’s a genius in the dark art of mastering with an incredible depth of knowledge and serious selection of gear to back it up, while also being a very cool, super easy to work with guy.” – Gareth Emery

Luca did an amazing job mixing my next single. He works really quickly and it’s great to have a super talented mixing engineer in Las Vegas where I’m DJing throughout the year – Morgan Page

What IS Studio DMI going to share with me? 

Studio Digital Music Innovation is as its name describes, a means to advance the art form of music production and science. We are centered on the creative aspects of engineering and believe this extends throughout a practioner’s lifestyle. Our educational philosophy is unique in that it goes beyond theory and involves students in the actual practice of application. Our 360º lifestyle approach brings them into a creative world full of balanced and harmonious energy. Being in tune with your life creates an environment conducive to clarity of the senses. This is an extremely important concept that allows mixing and mastering engineers to make qualified decisions during their process. We instruct on how to combine all the tools you should have, not only in the studio, but in totality: heart, soul, and mind.

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